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At Oriental Arts we practice a style of martial arts called kempo. Kempo is a blend between Chinese kung fu and Japanese karate. The kung fu element of kempo emphasizes the redirection of the attacker's strikes and is noted be its fluid, circular motions. The karate portion of kempo can be classified as a striking art: punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and the like. Kempo, the culmination of these two art forms, provides the ideal balance of self-defense methods. Additionally, kempo is a great way to enhance both physical and mental fitness.

Kempo draws on five animals: the Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane and Dragon. These animals embody the spirit of the art form.


 The tiger symbolizes the power, strength, and tenacity exhibited in kempo. Undeniable, developing one's physical strength is crucial in mastering the art form.


The leopard represents speed, agility, and precision. All of these are needed to master the art of Kempo.


Mastering Kempo is not entirely physical. Mental acuity and focus are equally as important as physical power. Noted for its internal strength, aka "chi", and overall flexibility, the snake represents the cunning intelligence cultivated throughout the study of Kempo.


The crane represents balance and grace. Strength without balance cannot be fully maximized.


The dragon encapsulates the intangible spirit of kempo. It speaks to the incredible versatility of the art form.

Our Style: Kempo: Meet the Team
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